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Above the Sun

Above the Sun - Lost & Found


Members: Matt, Shaun, Gary and Omar

Show Dates: May 10th @ Growlers

Fear. The Sparrow

Fear. The Sparrow - Panic


Members: Ben Hardy, Ed Harris, Luke John, Dusty Sikes

Show Dates: May 10th @ Growlers

The Hollow Roots

The Hollow Roots - Waves



Falling Out

Falling Out - A Little More


Members:  Duncan Butler, James Lott, Jonathan Knox

Kevin Carson

Kevin Carson - All Around The World


Members:  Kevin Carson

Show Dates:  Huey's Millington March 24th



Evince - Breathing


Members:  Daniel Butler, Caleb McBride, John Butler

Show Dates:  2/12, 2/25 at Growlers

Jumping The Gun

Jumping The Gun - One More Day


Members:  Luke Mosley, Jon Armstrong, Michael Breedlove, Paden Golebiewski

The AV Club

The AV Club - Where's Your Decency Jenny


Members:  Iyare Osarogiagbon, Will Fite

Sweet Fever

Sweet Fever - Ride The Wave


Members:  Derrick Wesley, Jake Kimbe, Nolan Brown, Nick Amend

Show Dates:  Jan 24th @ Growlers, Jan 27th at Huey's Downtown



Shipwrecker - Jester


Members:  Hunter Haley, Dan Trimble, Keith Chalk, Timothy Williams

Show Dates:  March 2nd @ Growlers


Caraway - Like Flies


Members:  John Patrick, Jacob Feld, Ian Inghram, and David Davis

Clay Markley

Clay Markley - Reasons


Members:  Clay Markley

Mama Honey

Mama Honey - Lay That Burden Down


Members:  Tamar Love, Fields Falcone, David McNinch

Show Dates: Growlers Dec 31st NYE PARTY

Rattlesnake Whip

Rattlesnake Whip - The Chase


Members:  Jonathan Postal, Steve Langford, Jonathan Keene, Michael Neil

Show Dates: Growlers Dec 31st NYE PARTY


The Prototype

The Prototype - Just Drive


Members:  Mathew Omalley and Ryan Greenslade

Cruelty Of The Heavens

Cruelty Of The Heavens - Anna Graham


Members:  Guitars-Vocals: Neal Bledsoe. Bass: Jared Filsinger. Drums: Samuel Davidson

Lipstick Stains

Lipstick Stains - Monsters


Homeschool Parade

Homeschool Parade - I’ll Run


My Friend Chris

My Friend Chris - Living Hell


Members: Cody Clark vocals/ guitar, Richard Craig guitar, Alec Turner drums, Aaron Boyles bass


Ei - Under the Skin


Members: Nick Kunkel, Daniel Dennie, Tyler Thompson, Logan Ragsdale


Sean K. Peterson & The Loaded Pistols

Sean K. Preston & The Loaded Pistols - Regret


Members: Sean K. Preston, Cory McGrath, Sparky



Shamefinger - 2001


Members: Farmer Zanath, Mark "Party Pat" Egan, David Galloway, Ryan Saucier

Skinny Powers

Skinny Powers - Numb

Members: Mitch Gammill - vocals/guitar, Xavier Brooks - multi-instrumentalist, Ed Harris - drums, Chris Earnhart - guitar, Scott Thorn - bass


Soviet Shiksa

Soviet Shiksa - Venge


Members: Mr. Black, Ricky DeMeo, Aaron Cates, Madden Purcell

Wine Witch

Wine Witch - Untitled

Members: David Shull, Wes Brown

Show Dates: Growlers Dec 31st NYE PARTY


Grape - Hoppin' John

Members: Chad Huey - Drums, Vocals
Corbin Miles - Guitar, Vocals
Frank Rhodes - Bass
Victor Sawyer - Trombone
Jawaun Crawford - Trumpet

Banana Boys

Banana Boys - Ugly

Members: Rande Johnson, Carter Earheart-Brown

Burn the Witch

Ego Slip - Alright

Members: Jerry King, Philip Cole, Brian McClendon

Burn the Witch

Burn the Witch - Hollow

Members: Eric Ashe, Curtis Bowers, Wade Partridge, Scott Cardin

A Shattered Soul

A Shattered Soul - Back On Top

Members: Jason Gillespie, Daniel Dwight, Dustin Irvan

Early Humans

Early Humans - Sexy Lexi

Members: Hart Williams, Ryan Vaniman


Show Dates: Click Here

Jeremy Stanfill

Jeremy Stanfill - Seasons

Members: Lone Wolf

Show Dates: Celtic Crossing - Every Thursday 7-10PM

Fear. The Sparrow

Fear. The Sparrow - Critical

Members: Ben Hardy, Ed Harris, Luke John, Dusty Sikes


ReFrame - I Want To Be More


Members: Drew McFarlane: Keyboards, Joe Murphy: Vocals, Ed Johnson: Bass, Jordan Henry: Drums, Phil Berger : Guitar...with guest vocals from Corey Glover of Living Colour

Show Dates: Click Here

Under The Radar

Under The Radar - BOOM

Members: Matt Ireland, Ryan Halcomb, Zeke Yarbro